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Sustainable growth requires more than random acts of improvement; it requires a process that is strategic, systemic, and measurable. The Flippen Group works with organizations to teach and support specific skills, behaviors that clear the way to long-term success.
No organization can rise above the constraints of its leadership. ™

Flippen’s leadership and organizational development processes equip companies with the strategies and tools required to align an organization’s talent to achieve desired outcomes.

The Flippen Group works with executives, senior leadership, and staff to identify behavioral constraints that limit productivity and organizational performance. Flippen’s personalized coaching, customized processes, and online tools provide measurable results that directly impact the bottom line.



“…in thirty years of service, I had spent more than five years in Army schools (three years at graduate schools, including Harvard University), primarily studying the art of leadership. In addition, the Army gave me plenty of opportunities to practice what I had studied by allowing me to command Army organizations from a platoon of thirty to a division of 30,000. What could the Flippen Group possibly teach me in three days? Well, at least I am not too old to admit how absolutely wrong I was. Those three days were, without exception, the best leadership training I ever had. Bar none. I left those three days rejuvenated as a leader, confident of our ITT team and its strengths, knowledgeable of my constraints, and most importantly, with a total buy-in for our Senior Leadership Social Contract to act as a template for our personal interactions and pathway to even greater successes in the future.”
Major General Bruce K. Scott, US Army (Ret), President
International Services Client 

When Trinity Industries acquired Transit Mix concrete delivery company, they needed a way to improve Transit’s 72% driver turnover rate, costing over $6MM annually. The Flippen Group worked with executives and mid-level leaders to improve engagement and communication with drivers, and added social programs to benefit the employees and their families. After 14 months, driver turnover was 47%. After 24 months of implementing Flippen Group processes, turnover fell to 14% – the lowest industry-wide – and provided Transit Mix a strong competitive advantage. In the words of General Manager Dick Schilhab, “Your ability to bring out the best we can be is just one of the many positives I can see as we take our team to the next level.”
Dick Schilhab, General Manager
Trinity Industries - Transit Mix

“…what really gets me going each day are fresh opportunities to help leaders realize their true potential while advancing the strategic objectives of their employers at the same time. In my view, the Flippen 360 Profile provides both a tool and a resource that helps make this happen. As I see it, this tool identifies the ‘gaps’, or as they say, personal constraints. Perhaps the best part of it is that this renewed self-awareness, when mobilized, goes way beyond the world of 8 to 5 and favorably impacts life relationships. In summary, it is positive, encouraging, comprehensive, and highly revealing. Its value in my view is unquestioned…”
Robert J. Wacker, Vice President Media and Entertainment Client